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About me – Elley Nott

About me

I started my career in Sales. At age 13 I started a babysitting business. By 15, I had more than 60 families on rotation, I had figured out SMS marketing and added three new services to the offering. My rates rose from $7/hour, to $10, to $15, to $20, to eventually $25/hour— and even more on public holidays.


Over the next few years, I took every opportunity I could to learn about business. I worked in a restaurant, a hair salon, an optometrist, a construction company… and when I finally finished school and got a ‘real job’, Sales came naturally to me. I had, after all, spent the prior five years pitching business, winning customers and building referral relationships. What I learnt consistently is that psychology is at the heart of Sales success. And integrity is everything.


Marketing offered me an opportunity to sell at scale. It enabled me to introduce new tools to win hearts and minds, and extend influence beyond the one-to-one relationship. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn, and I eventually branched out from traditional marketing to learn animation, graphic design, web development (yes, coding!) and copywriting. 


Today I’m Marketing Director (B2B) for a health-tech company in Bondi. Daily, I work with an endlessly talented team to develop best-in-class solutions for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, NFP and Corporate Health industries. And by extension, Australian consumers. My marketing career to date has spanned Media, Financial Services, Education, Technology and now Health, for both B2B and B2B audiences. 


To find out more, connect with me on LinkedIn or Contact Me.

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