Free trials are the modern day samples


Have you ever sampled a gelato flavour before you’ve bought?

What about test driving a car before signing on the dotted line?

Okay, okay. In both cases you knew you wanted to get the gelato, or buy the car before you drove it.  

But what about things you didn’t know you needed?

Trying a hand cream sample for the first time and realising it’s to die for? What about a taste of a new food product in the supermarket? Or a one-month trial of a streaming service? Or a new piece of software you’ve been curious about for work?

Have any of those taste tests ever convinced you to buy?

When we offer our customers a trial, we take the pressure off making a purchase decision then and there, and offer them the chance to fall in love with what we’re selling. 

We encourage the sales narrative to move from logical (is this a good price), to emotional (I’ve tried this and I now believe in its value). 

We decrease the barriers to engaging — leveraging curiosity and FOMO to start a customer conversation (well, I’ve been offered this for free, so why wouldn’t I try it). 

And we let them touch, feel and experience our product or service, helping them build desire before they’re asked to make a commitment. 

If you work for a food or beverage company, let people taste. 

If you work for a flooring company, offer a design simulator that lets customers see what your products would look like in their home. 

If you work in consulting, share general advice that leaves people wanting more…

… just like I have, in this blog. If you’re ready to grow your business, reach out. I’d love to chat.