What to do when your salespeople don’t like closing


It’s human nature to want to build relationships. To many, making connections feels like the most natural thing in the world.


But what happens when your salespeople spend the balance of their time building rapport, winning trust and demoing the product, but don’t feel comfortable to close?


Over the years I’ve heard many opinions. “I’d prefer to be helpful. If they like the product, they’ll come to me”, some say. Others fear rejection, or worry that if they push a sale their relationship will be affected.


But closing is a necessary step in any effective sales conversation.


In almost all scenarios, fear of closing can be attributed to a lack of belief in the product.


Does that same salesperson struggle to tell their friends that they just have to try that new Japanese restaurant down the road?


Do they hesitate before convincing their children that joining a soccer team will be fun, and they’ll make so many friends?


Do they worry before asking management for extra tools to help them do their jobs better?


No, of course they don’t.


Because being pushy is easy when you believe that the outcome that you’re offering is helpful. When you believe in the benefit. When you’re sure that the other party will thank you for it.


When you notice that your salespeople don’t like closing, the best thing you can do is resell your products to them. Remind them of the benefits, show them how it changes people’s lives, take them on the journey of all the previous customers you can remember who were in the same position and have been thrilled with the outcome post-sale.


Once your salespeople start believing in your products, the task of making prospects believe in them too will be easy. And closing won’t be seen as being pushy anymore. It will be seen as a natural next step in helping.