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The difference between Google and social advertising – Elley Nott

The difference between Google and social advertising


It’s Friday night. Your feet are up, and you’re in pyjamas with a box of takeaway on the lounge. 

Its 2024. We multitask even when we’re relaxing, and so your phone is in your hand while you’re streaming your favourite show.

You scroll through a few celebrity pics, some videos your friends have posted, and BAM an ad pops up. If the advertiser has done their job, it should be something you find at least mildly interesting or relevant. Let’s say it’s swimwear. You click through, check out the collection, maybe add to cart, and you may or may not buy then and there. 

This is social media advertising. 

Let’s consider a different scenario. 

Summer’s coming. You’ve FINALLY booked a holiday. (I know you know where I’m going with this). Time to freshen up the poolside looks. You’re in the market for a one piece, a new towel and maybe a cute hat. 

Cue Google. “Stylish one pieces Australia”. Ta-da! We have a problem to solve (or some shopping to do) and by George we’re going to solve it. 

The difference between Google and social advertising is intent. On social platforms, marketers work hard to target the right audiences with the right messages, and tempt them to buy. On Google (or any other search platforms), the job is to capture those already searching, and deliver the solution then and there. 

Which is better? It depends on your product, whether people are actively searching for it (or know it exists), the competition, how visual your product is, and how convinced people need to be to buy. Contact me and we’ll have a chat.