A note on time


Ask almost any exec how they are and their immediate retort will almost always be “busy!”  


Our work lives are filled with a seemingly endless list of routines: internal meetings, prioritisation, teamwork, planning, reporting, retrospectives…


And our home lives are no different. Kids, pets, shopping, meal prep, cleaning, maintaining our relationships, managing finances — and sometimes even self-care. There’s scarcely time for anything additional!


How are we spending our time?


What are we working on that is moving us leaps and bounds towards our goals?


What even are our goals to begin with?


Or are our lives just a series of routines playing out before us, with us merely bearing witness to them? Without giving any real thought to how we want to spend our time and what makes us most happy? 


Much like the ‘glass-half-full’ idiom, how much time we have largely depends on our perspective. We can either focus on the time we don’t have, or the time we do. We can either become overwhelmed by the tasks that make us busy, or we can stop, reprioritise what matters and see the pockets of time that we do have, as opportunities to achieve something great. 


Go on! Learn that language, take up the saxophone, commit each afternoon to a jog around the block. Change the narrative you tell yourself and others. Our lives are everything we make them, and time is ours to spend.