Why advertising isn’t just for acquisition


On Monday I signed up for a TV subscription service. By Tuesday my social feeds were pushing out ads telling me about all the new shows I suddenly had access to.


Why would a company spend money retargeting me, when I’ve already committed? Wouldn’t it be better to spend those advertising dollars attracting new customers?


When people sign up for a free trial, the level of commitment to the brand is relatively low. Trials, by their very nature, are tests. They give companies a chance to prove their worth and win over a customer for the long term. And they give potential customers a chance to evaluate whether the product is a good fit for their needs – whether they should continue with a paid subscription.


Had the brand left me on my own after sign up, I might have forgotten to login and explore the other series on offer to me. I might have deprioritised watching the TV shows I signed up for. I might have let my free trial expire, not seen the value and chosen not to sign on for more.


And the company advertising to me might have missed their opportunity to build my excitement, and in turn my commitment to the brand.


This reinforcement is important at every stage of the customer lifecycle. From pre-sales, to onboarding, to nurture and retention, to eventual win-back. And it is the job of marketing teams to run the numbers and continually evaluate where investment is best spent, and how these advertising dollars attract visitors, convert leads, close customers and create delightful, memorable, and most importantly, adhesive customer experiences.